Where We Are

We Are

The Rob Rockefeller S.C. boasts a widespread global presence, with multiple branches strategically located across continents. 

This expansive network highlights our deep-rooted commitment to fostering sustainability and making a tangible impact on a global scale.


Our efforts are dedicated to creating a more sustainable world for future generations, through innovative solutions and collaborative initiatives worldwide.

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Our Technical Centers

African Logistic Centers

Main Engineering Center

General Engineering Center​

The Rob Rockefeller Standard Carbon LLC presents in strategic partnership with Skem@ Srl, our new international engineering coordination center, and our technological research laboratory in the city of Brindisi (Italy).

At our Main General Engineering Center, the focal point for engineering coordination, we oversee and implement the engineering projects of The Rob Rockefeller’s global branches.


3.000 square meters

Engineering Center

Two-story office building that covers an area of 250 square meters per floor (500 sqm in total).

Technology Research Lab

1.600 square meters Testing – Research Lab – Cabinets Assemble

The new 265 square meters one-floor office is located in downtown (Brindisi, Italy) close to the entrance of the Lecce – Bari highway and from the industrial area.

The office will be dedicated to the Green Projects’ development.

Our Technology Partners