The Rob Rockefeller Standard Carbon LLC and the PBFH in Synergy for a Sustainable Future

The Rob Rockefeller Standard Carbon LLC and the PBFH in Synergy for a Sustainable Future

World Strategic Partnership

World Class Expertise

PBFH has proven itself with the world's leading technologies in carbon credit production. Their state-of-the-art pyrolysis processing machines and remarkable land lease for sustainable endeavors in Papua New Guinea demonstrate their commitment and capability.

Shared Goals & Ethos

The Rob Rockefeller S.C. and PBFH believe in green profits with a purpose. Their vision of reducing carbon emissions aligns perfectly with our objectives, making this partnership a harmonious union of like-minded entities.

Elevating the Benchmark

With PBFH's unmatched technology and The Rob Rockefeller S.C.'s global influence, we aim to set this project as a beacon in the world of sustainable initiatives.

Redefine Excellence

We are not just aiming for success; we aim for excellence. Our combined expertise will ensure that this project becomes one of the world's most recognized and prestigious carbon credit productions.

Advantages of Embracing Biofuel

Biofuel is a renewable energy source derived from biological materials, distinguishing it from conventional fossil fuels. Its sources encompass a range of organic materials, from agricultural residues to energy-specific crops.

Transportation: A cleaner alternative or additive to conventional fuels.

Energy Production: Biogas, for instance, is pivotal for generating electricity and heating solutions.

Sustainability: An eco-friendly energy option that's continually replenishable.

Eco-Efficiency: Notably reduced greenhouse gas emissions when burned.

Enhanced Energy Security: Diminishes reliance on external fossil fuel imports, bolstering national energy independence.

Land Competition: Ensuring biofuel production doesn't compromise food security.

Biodiversity: Prioritizing habitat preservation in biofuel-related agriculture.

Resource Management: Implementing efficient water-use practices in cultivation.

We are passionate about leading like minded driven individuals, specializing in their own industries and believing in generating green profits with purpose and creating positive impact for the people and our planet.

To help countries and companies globally reduce and remove carbon emissions by generating 10M certified carbon removal credits globally by 2034.

To assist companies around the world in achieving their goals of net zero by providing much needed sustainable biofuels to the market, improve soil conditions with high carbon biochar and create high quality carbon removal credits.


PBFH revenue will help improve the lives globally through apprenticeships, training, employment, education and health.

Focused on Innovative Carbon Credit Production.

PBFH | Core Offering

State of the Art Farming Best Practice

  • World-class agronomy, harvesting, and processing technology
  • University-tested seed genetics
  • Latest IOT and farming automation technology
  • Live harvest data and real-time recording
  • Latest farming data system

Accredited Carbon Removal Credit Generation

  • PBFH will provide carbon removal credit via biochar
  • Puro Earth Biochar carbon credit methodology durability over 100 years
  • Blockchain platform for 100% transparency and authenticity of each carbon credit
  • eg time and location of each hectare planted and harvested

Renewable Biofuels

  • Feedstock-oil for biodiesel
  • State of the art processing/pyrolysis system using digital twinning technology
  • Industrial scale processing plant, delivering millions of litres of desperately needed biofuels to the market
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions non fossil fuels
  • Sustainable eco friendly production and fuel
  • Biodisel and Bioethanol

Biochar Biomass

  • Higher Grade and High Carbon Biochar
  • Green Concrete Substitutes
  • Hemp Board
  • Graphene Development

Daniel Godoy

Director of PBFH