Strategic Collaboration with Dr. Farhan Qadir and NEXUS WORLDWIDE

Today in Dubai, our Executive Vice President met with Dr. Farhan Qadir, a partner with His Excellency Sheikh Awad Bin Majin of the Dubai Royal Family, Founder and CEO of NEXUS WORLDWIDE, and former CEO of Color Star Technology Co Ltd (NASDAQ: ADD).


COMPUTEX 2024 in Taipei

Our President for Asia & Oceania Claire Chen Representing us in the prestigious COMPUTEX 2024 in Taipei (Taiwan)


The Tunisian Chamber of Interior Architects – CTAI

The Rob Rockefeller standard carbon Tunisia , represented by our Managing Director Mohamed Lassaad kedim Lassaad Kedimi had the pleasure of being the official partner of the prestigious annual congress of the Tunisian Chamber of Interior Architects – CTAI.