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Photocatalysis: Innovation at The Service of Humanity

In contact with the air that surrounds us thanks to sunlight or artificial light, it allows the oxidation or decomposition of organic and inorganic pollutants into harmless mineral salts. (sodium nitrates NaNo3 or calcium carbonates CaCo3).

The most used for its (photo) stability, NON-TOXICITY and LOW COST is THE POLYCRYSTALLINE TiO2 in the phase allotropic anatasio.

Reduce Toxic Pollutants
Keep Surfaces Cleaner


Photocatalysis is a process which breaks down (mainly by oxidation) some of the most common polluting and microbial substances in the environment. The process is achieved through the use of “photoactive” substances, that is those activated by sunlight or artificial light.

Photocatalysis is an eco-active cleaning system which removes pollution, kills bacteria and cleans and reduces odours, destroying particles damaging to human health and keeping all surfaces clean and protected against the most common pollutants


Application of the The Rob Rockefeller S.C. Product System to roofs and hardscapes contributes to maintaining and improving the intrinsic SRI value of the material, thanks to its transparency and photocatalytic action.
Moreover, its self-cleaning properties allow the regular cleaning required to maintain the reflectivity characteristics of materials to be reduced.

The Rob Rockefeller S.C. products are water based; they drastically reduce the presence of pollutants and eliminate contaminants present inside buildings. It has been experimentally proven that The Rob Rockefeller S.C. Product System treatments neutralize 85% of the VOCs present in a closed room in just 20 minutes, fully satisfying the objectives of IEQ4 credits (which consists of ensuring an improvement in the quality of any internal environment).

The Rob Rockefeller S.C. Product System, when applied to any façade, does not alter the light transmission properties of the glass.

The Rob Rockefeller S.C. Product System is an innovative system, designed to reduce pollution and energy consumption, with concrete and measurable environmental benefits.

The main “conductor” is titanium dioxide, but its effects in the photocatalysis have nothing to do with those produced by the substance added to creams, preserves and foodstuffs. Not only is this compound completely harmless, but it has proven to be our greatest ally in fighting pollution, so much so that it can even be directly compared to the positive effects of planting oxygen-producing trees.

Through complex chemical reactions activated by light, a next-generation mixture is obtained which is able to accelerate the oxi- dation of polluting organic compounds precisely through the oxidative properties of titanium dioxide. This is an extraordinary result, which could change the face of our society by improving environmental conditions and leading to significant savings in the management of buildings through a significant reduction in cleaning and maintenance costs.

Just like as in ancient and modern medicine many substances which in nature possess toxic properties have been turned into powerful medicines capable of lengthening our lifespans, the use of titanium dioxide applied to photocatalytic systems has proven to be an extraordinary ally for human health, with a complete lack of the side effects which can conversely be found when it is taken via foodstuffs or creams.