Executive VP Visits Tunisian Development Center

Executive VP Visits Tunisian Development Center: Advancing Decarbonization and Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives

Today our Executive Vice President Valentino Loforese visit to our development center The Rob Rockefeller Standard Carbon Tunisia 🇹🇳 

Even though it was Sunday our Executive VP met our CEO of the branch Lassaad Kedimi, Dr. Imed Gharbi Imed Gharbi (Expert carbon Advisor of The Tunisian Government and part of The team which preparing the Tunisian Government strategy of decarbonization) and Mr Sahbi Kaddachi Kaddachi Sahbi Msc, CTSC, CSCP-Instructor, SCOR-P International expert decarbonization and Green supply chain ( charged by the GIZ for a mission of training on responsible purchasing ) 🤝!