International Team

International Team of The Rob Rockefeller


Robert Clyde Rockefeller

President & CEO

Valentino Loforese

Executive Vice President, and Personal Assistant to Robert Clyde Rockefeller

Area Presidents

عبد المجيد بن سعود بن محمد آل سعود
PRINCE Abdul Majeed bin Saud bin Muhammad Al Saud

President for Middle East / CEO of The Rob Rockefeller SC Saudi Arabia

Claire Chen

President for the Asia/Oceania zone

Federico Foscale

President Financial and Contractual Affairs

Yu Zhongqi

President for China

Executive Managers
General Coordinators & Advisors

Mohamed Al Hosani

Executive Manager of The Rob Rockefeller SC UAE & World Carbon Project Development Manager

Gennaro Migliore

Institutional Public Relation Manager

Sandro Nasta

Executive Manager Engineering Area and Director of the Technology Research Laboratory

Alessandro Masiero

Director of the Headquarter Carbon Credit Management & Executive Manager Carbon Credits Production & Engineering

Giuseppe Giovanni Nucera


Andrea Lupo

Public Relations for Italy

Mudassar Yasin

Executive Manager for UK

Flavio Elia

Executive Manager of Carbon Credit Exchange Platform / Metaverse / Blockchain

Fabien Dettori

Official Artist & Coordinator for Sustainable Art

Kong Xiaoli


Branches CEOs

Eddy David Malese

CEO of The Rob Rockefeller SC South Africa

Rina Pua

Director of The Rob Rockefeller SC Singapore

Moses Ernest
Mashate Masinde

Director of The Rob Rockefeller SC Uganda & Kenya

Francesco Cuccurullo

Administrator of The Rob Rockefeller SC Italy

Jasper Johnson

Managing Director of The Rob Rockefeller SC Nigeria

Mohamed Lassaad Kedimi

Executive Manager The Rob Rockefeller sc Tunisia & Egypt

Engineering & Operation
Area Manager

Roberto Facchini Hernandez

Manager of Biotech Technologies S.p.A.

Ercan Yesil

Manager of Recool Technologies

Zafar Hussain

Lead Engineer for The Rob Rockefeller SC Hydrocell Technology

Muneeb Zafar

Lead Engineer for The Rob Rockefeller SC Hydrocell Technology

Liu Changliang

Manager for UK

Amanpreet Singh

Manager for India

Events & Marketing

Marco Barchetti

Marketing Manager

Eugenio Palma

Creative Director

Simone Ruggeri

International Events & Advertising Manager

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