Meeting with our President of Asia & Oceania with ASEC

Meeting with our President of Asia & Oceania and ASEC

March 14, 2024

Our President of Asia & Oceania Claire Chen, at the headquarters of the ASEC International Corporation in Taipei (Taiwan) ( had the pleasure of meeting the Chairman Steve Tsai, the L.T. Dept. Director and CSO ALEX SU, and T.M. Div. Director Eric Chen . We discussed a possible concrete strategic collaboration between ASEC International Corporation and The Rob Rockefeller Standard Carbon LLC to create our Taiwan Branch together …

We share your enthusiasm for exploring potential collaboration between our two parties to advance the cause of ESG Carbon solutions for the industry and beyond.

Both parties agreed that establishing a strategic partnership could greatly benefit both of our organizations and contribute significantly to promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Together We Can Make a Difference 💪🏻🌳🌎