The Rob Rockefeller S.C. Cybersecurity

Raymond St. John

Chairman World Century investment
The Rob Rockefeller S.C Geopolitical / finance analyst strategic partner

Founder and Chairman of World Century private investment Banking , he will work with his company in exclusive partnership with us in the world of eco-sustainability, geopolitical analysis, financial analysis, cybersecurity, corporate security.. and will serve as Director of The Rob Rockefeller Digital Center.

Cybersecurity Technology

Motty Weissbrot

CEO – Crygma LTD

Motty Weissbrot: A Leading Expert in Covert Online Communications With an illustrious 30-year background in the intelligence community, Motty Weissbrot has emerged as a distinguished authority in the realm of covert online communications. 

His expertise in encryption, particularly at its highest levels, has earned him great acclaim within the espionage field, where encryption is regarded as a formidable cyber weapon. 

In this era of Cyber War, where the battle for online dominance rages on, the ability to facilitate ultra-encrypted, undecipherable communications that leave no digital trace has become a rare skill possessed by only a select few professionals. 

Mr. Weissbrot stands among this exclusive group.

Crygma is a UK based company, specializing in the cyber defense of top classified data both in transit and at rest.

Cyber Espionage & Counter Intelligence Cipher Systems.

Data Cyber Defense & Cyber Attack Solutions for protecting the public and private sector against Ransomware Extortions, State-sponsored Hacking , Commercial Cyber Espionage.