Digital World Center

Digital World Center

At the Digital World Center, located in Platinum Tower JLT Dubai (UAE), we are at the forefront of the digital realm, guiding the advancement and integration of a wide array of transformative technologies and fields.

In partnership with The Universe Eye and World Century, The Digital World  Center in Dubai serves as a pivotal hub for thought leadership, innovation, and collaboration in the digital age, driving forward the technologies that shape our future without directly offering services.

Our expertise spans:


We are deeply involved in shaping the future of metaverse environments, facilitating the development of virtual spaces that redefine digital interactions.


Our focus on blockchain technology is about exploring its potential to revolutionize data integrity, privacy, and trust in digital transactions.

Carbon Credit Exchange Platform

Reflecting our dedication to environmental responsibility, we engage in the conceptualization and promotion of platforms for carbon credit exchanges, encouraging sustainable practices within the digital domain.


Raymond St. John

Chairman World Century investment
The Rob Rockefeller S.C Geopolitical / finance analyst strategic partner

Mohamed Al Hosani

Flavio Elia


Stefano Curzio

CFO – The Universe Eye

Sukhchain Singh

CTO – The Universe Eye

Tausif Ahmed

Blockchain Engineer – The Universe Eye