Sustainability and Safety for Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Livestock


In the face of rising bacterial and viral spread, such as LegionellaPseudomonasEscherichia Coli, and Listeria, achieving effective disinfection without harming our environment and health is paramount.

HB Solution stands at the forefront with its innovative technology that ensures perfect hygiene both at home and in business.

Its state-of-the-art dry steam cleaning prepares surfaces optimally, while the specially developed HS Blaster turns your heat cleaner into a disinfectant nebulizer in one easy step, ensuring optimal use of high steam pressure for thorough cleaning and disinfection, naturally and safely.

Roberto Facchini Hernandez

Manager of Biotech Technologies S.p.A.
Sustainability and Safety for Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Livestock
Air Pollution

Infrastructure projects, including construction and operational phases, significantly contribute to air pollution. The emission of harmful particles into the air exacerbates climate change and poses severe health risks to populations, necessitating cleaner and greener approaches to infrastructure development.

Water Pollution

The discharge of chemicals and waste into water bodies from infrastructure facilities is a critical concern. It leads to the contamination of water, affecting both aquatic life and human populations. Ensuring proper waste management and adherence to environmental standards is crucial in mitigating these issues.

Environmental Degradation

The expansion of infrastructure often results in substantial environmental degradation, including the loss of green spaces and the depletion of natural resources. Prioritizing sustainable and eco-friendly infrastructure development is vital for minimizing the environmental footprint and preserving our ecosystems for future generations.

Waste Management Issues

Inadequate waste management in infrastructure projects is another significant concern. The improper disposal of construction and operational waste can lead to soil and water pollution, harming ecosystems and community health. Implementing comprehensive and environmentally sound waste management strategies is essential for reducing pollution and promoting sustainable infrastructure development.