Sustainable Art

Engage audiences in sustainability dialogues

Sustainable Art

Sustainable art holds tremendous potential for raising awareness, fostering sustainable behaviors, and reducing emissions. Artists like Fabien Dettori play an instrumental role in societal transformation, using their creativity to inspire positive shifts towards more sustainable, low-carbon lifestyles.

At The Rob Rockefeller SC, our integration of sustainable art aims to create a bridge that connects the continents of America, Europe, and Asia.


Harnessing the power of artistic expression, we envision fostering cultural exchange, promoting environmental consciousness, and encouraging sustainable practices across these regions.


The Rob Rockefeller S.C. with artists such as Dettori underlines our commitment to this vision.

His artistic brilliance not only enriches the aesthetic experience but also fuels our journey towards a sustainable future.


Together, we strive to stimulate change, engage audiences in sustainability dialogues, and inspire future generations towards a greener, more harmonious world.​